Co-op Local Community Fund

We’re delighted that Middleton Band has been chosen to benefit as a Co-op Local Community Fund.

At a time when funds for community groups and charitable organisations are becoming more difficult to access, we’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a real difference in Middleton.

We’re raising funds to improve our equipment such as instruments and to provide tuition to our members.

We estimate the impact of coronavirus to be significant. We will lose members as the interest in playing will have disappeared, and those that do return will have fallen behind in their practice, so part of the money will be spent on supporting players to catch up. By attracting new members we will be able to grow the ranks again and be able to provide musical entertainment for the community and tuition to members for years to come.

To help us raise vital funds, we’ll be relying on Co-op Members. When a member buys selected branded products and services, the Co-op will give a helping hand to local causes like ours. 

Co-op members can select us as their local cause by visiting We really hope that people will visit the website and select us as their local cause.