Composer Competition

To take part in this competition, all you need to do is to compose or arrange a piece for one or more instruments. Your composition can be as long or as short as you like but should be written for brass band instruments.
The competition will be split into two categories : original composition and arrangement. Members can enter one or both categories.

Original Composition

  • Must be a new and original piece or tune
  • Can be for one or more instruments
  • Can be any length
  • Should be for brass band instruments
  • Give your piece a name/ title
  • Should be playable by one of our youth groups

Arrangement of an established tune

  • Can be an arrangement of any tune*
  • Should be for two or more instruments
  • Can be any length
  • Should be for brass band instruments
  • Don’t forget the title
  • Should be playable by one of our youth groups


What do I win?
  • The winners of each section will recieve a trophy, a certificate and will have their pieces debuted at our next concert and possibly published too, subject to copyright.*
    Depending on numbers of entries, each category may be broken down further  into sub goups e.g. youth band, training band, beginners or similar. The chance of winning is high! Everyone who takes part will receive a certificate.

Who can enter?

  • This competition is open to any young member of our youth department from beginners upwards.

What do I use to write my composition/ arrangement

How do I send my entry

  • Paper compositions: please scan or photograph so your music can be read and send to
  • Software compositions: depending on what software you are using preferably save/export as a musxml (sibelius/finale etc) or mscz (musescore) file so I can hear it too ( I have musescore). You could also send a PDF if you can’t export. Send files to

When is the deadline?

  • Please send all entries to by 30th June 2020

*What did you mean, subject to copyright?

  •  Original compositions are not subject to any copyright restrictions but arrangements of existing songs usually are. To be able to perform or possibly publish an arrangement, we need to be very careful of copyright law. We regularly publish lots of our own arrangements and have access to an extensive list of songs which are in the public domain or for which pre-agreed copyright permission can be obtained.  If you would like to consider having your arrangement published after the competition, drop us us an email at and we can easily find out if we can obtain permission.

I have more questions!/ you’ve missed some important information out!

  • No problem! Just drop us an email at and we will help.